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Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce Financial Planning

The financial results of a divorce can be devastating to both parties, but with the educated guidance of a Divorce Financial Planner, you can increase your chances of an equitable divorce, resulting in long-term financial success for both parties.

Many people getting divorced do not think to engage a Divorce Financial Planner, however sitting down with a financial planner to map out the financial road-map of your division of assets and post-divorce life can be helpful in many ways.

1. Divorce Financial Planner can help you determine what your priority financial needs are, allowing you to better focus your negotiations.

  • A large part of the divorce process consists of dividing assets and finances between two parties. Hiring a Divorce Financial Planner can help you organize and understand the many financial pieces being divided in a divorce, including understanding the investments made during the marriage, determining marital assets, and interpreting a forensic analyst’s findings from bank statements, retirement plans and investment accounts.

2. A Financial Planner can help you make decisions about the best ways to divide your assets.

  • Every couple’s finances and assets are different. It is important to make informed decisions about dividing assets in a way that benefits the parties involved. Every couple can divide cash flow, liquid assets, investments, properties and retirement assets differently. A divorce financial planner can help each individual make the smartest decision for their particular lives. Additionally, a financial planner understands tax and other financial implications and can advise you on how the division of assets would affect your tax filings and the best tax strategy for you.

3. They can guide you in determining the best strategy to build up wealth again in your post-divorce life, as well as help you balance cash flow, liquid assets and retirement assets moving forward.

  • A Divorce Financial Planner has extensive knowledge of strategic investments, and can provide in-depth financial analysis and investment advice so that the money acquired from the divorce can be invested wisely and last as long as possible.

As one of the Divorce Financial Planners in Orange County, Betty Azmoon has been working with divorcing couples for over 25 years. Her extensive knowledge of financial planning and specifically, divorce financial planning allows her to provide clear, easy to understand explanations and the following divorce planning tasks:

  • Identify the short-term and long-term effects of dividing property
  • Evaluating tax issues
  • Analyzing retirement and pension plans
  • Evaluating insurance needs
  • Establishing assumptions for inflation and rates of return
  • Bringing a creative approach to dividing equity and assets

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